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A large number of organisations administrate the sport of canoe polo both locally and internationally. These organisations represent the interests of their members both to the canoe polo community and to the general public. 

A common goal is to promote and encourage all aspects of canoe polo locally in our club or region, in New Zealand, and internationally for the future of the sport and its participants. We want to see canoe polo in the spotlight, grow as a sport and eventually to enter a professional era.

New Zealand
Canoe Polo Association

Within New Zealand, canoe polo is governed by the

New Zealand Canoe Polo Association which is affiliated to the International Canoe Federation through our membership with the New Zealand Canoe Federation. New Zealand Canoe Polo administers the sport on behalf of our members with the mission: “To promote and encourage all aspects of Canoe Polo in New Zealand for the future of the sport and its participants”.

Mainland Canoe Polo Association

The Mainland Canoe Polo Association (MCPA) is the representative body for the Mainland region in

New Zealand. The MCPA oversee the development of players within their region and host local competitions. The Association manages facilities and equipment within Christchurch.  

International Canoe Federation

The International Canoe Federation (ICF) is a membership organisation that is responsible for the global sport of canoeing and comprises of five Continental Associations (CA) and 163 National Federations (NF). The ICF is the recognised international body for paddle sport and has representatives for nine (9) separate disciplines on its Board.

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